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Re: [ferret_users] Automated enlargement of a land mask with increasing depth slices

Thanks Jaison, That's really useful!


On 28 Mar 2007, at 13:09, Jaison Kurian wrote:

Hi Jon,
        A quick solution is here. Please let me know if you have any

Basically, you have to use "immediate evaluation" using grave accents
to force Ferret to proper numeric value for the /LEVELS argument. See
the example below for details.

Hope this helps,



!-----example starts here------------------------------------------
\ cancel mode verify

! use datasets available with Ferret

    set data levitus_climatology
    set data etopo20

    set region/x=180w:180w/y=90s:90n/l=1

! extract the depth Z-axis values of of the variable to be shaded

    let zvals = z[gz=temp,d=1] * -1  ! change sign, if required

! Now make the plots. Name the output files according to the K-level.

    REPEAT/K=15:1:-1 (                                ;\
        shade/palette=chl temp[d=1]                   ;\
shade/over/nolabel/lev="(`zvals`)(10000)"/pal=gray rose [d=2] ;\
        say " Current Ocean Depth =  `zvals`" ; pause ;\
        let klv = IF `K` LE 9 THEN "0`k`" ELSE "`k`"  ;\
        FRAME/FILE=temp_slice_k`klv`.gif              ;\

!-----example ends here--------------------------------------------

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Jonathan Lauderdale wrote:

Hi all,

I am running a model with 15 depth levels (non-uniform and in reverse
order, so i use the K index) and plotting each slice of ocean
temperature/salinity etc with a repeat statement:

use state.0004248000.glob.nc
set region/x=180w:180w/y=90s:90n/l=1
REPEAT/K=15:1:-1 (shade/palette=ocean_temp temp; shade/over/nolabel/
noaxes/lev="(0)(10000)"/pal=gray depth; FRAME/FILE=temp_slice.gif)

At the moment, the continents are masked out as they appear at the
sea surface and I know i can get the correct mask for each slice if I
change /lev"(0)(10000)" to /lev="(-2500)(10000)" but is there a way
to do this within a repeat ie /lev"(Z(k))(10000)" ?? I just get
"Error Syntax error"


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