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[ferret_users] Reading ascii data

Hello All,

I have a very simple problem, but alas. . . .

I have ascii integer data that is space separated.  I can also create a comm
a separated file but space separated is easier.  Its a continuous stream of 
values (1095 values, which is 3 years of daily precipitation data) with no c
arriage returns.  I haven't been successfull in reading either type (space s
eparated or comma separted).

I tried variations on:
define axis/t=1:1095:1/units=days  tax
define grid/t=tax aaa
file/grid=aaa/var=p file.dat

I also tried variations on stream (I think stream is for binary data, but do
es type=text handle ascii data?):
define axis/t=1:1095:1/units=days  tax
define grid/t=tax aaa
set data/format=delimited/delimiters="\b"/type=text/grid=aaa/var=p  file.dat
  (note: in this line "\b" is backslash b for blank).

In both cases if I do a "list p" I only I find that I've read in only one da
ta value.

Surely this must be a simple thing - read in a string of ascii values, eithe
r space or comma delimited (I could also convert the commas to tabs as delim

Please show me how to do this.

Thank you,


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