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[ferret_users] Overplot track data

I would like to overplot a track on a current velocity field. I managed to plot the current velocity field alone, and also the track alone but I can't find a way to plot both of them!

My track data (longitude, latitude) are stored in an ascii file "track.res", with 2 columns. For instance:

-83.0	25.0
-84.0	28.0
-85.0	26.0

My programme looks like:


use "my_file.nc"	!file containing zonal (U) and meridional (V) speed

set region/x=-90:-80/y=20:35/z=0/t=10-Aug-2006
go mp_mercator
set grid U

!Plot the velocity field
vector/lenght=1/XSKIP=3/YSKIP+3/overlay U,V

!Plot the track
file/format=delim/var="lon,lat" track.res
list lon,lat
plot/line/over/color=red lon,lat

go fland 1


Ferret is not happy with the instruction "list lon,lat" and returns :

**ERROR: illegal limits: "LON" is not in the range X=-90:-80
	Axis extremes are X=0.5:20480.5
list lon,lat
Command file, commande group, or REPEAT execution aborted

Any suggestion?
Thanks for you help !


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