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Re: [ferret_users] calculate the density with Pressure


Your pressure in the 3rd argument of the rho_un function should be the reference pressure:

   0 for sigma_0
2000 for sigma_2



On Mon, 22 Jan 2007, ferret ocean wrote:

Dear ferreters,

I want to calculate the density with pressure instead of depth (more accuate way), but when I get the pressure with the following scipt to convert the depth to pressure,

  let x0 = sin(y[g=v]*3.1415926/180);
let c1 = 5.92E-3 + x0*x0 * 5.25E-3;
let pres = ((1-c1)-(((1-c1)*(1-c1))-(8.84E-6 * z[g=v]))^0.5)  / 4.42E-6;

 then let rho=rho_un(salt,temp,pres)-1000;

 But the results are obviously wrong. Do you have any suggestions?


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