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Re: [ferret_users] Ferret core dumping with this data set

Hi Mike,
This seems to have to do with the size of the grid the data's on. It may be a Ferret bug, but notice that if you're just doing graphics with the data, the size in T of 59359 points is much larger than the graphics device or file is going to be able to represent.  You can plot this data successfully by striding it. If you have 800 pixels available, striding in L by even as much as 50 points gives more pixels than we have.
yes? USE "http://dods.mbari.org/cgi-bin/nph-nc/data/ssdsdata/deployments/m0/200504/m0_adcp1406_20050418.nc"
yes? show data 
     currently SET data sets:
    1> http://dods.mbari.org/cgi-bin/nph-nc/data/ssdsdata/deployments/m0/200504/m0_adcp1406_20050418.nc  (default)
 name     title                             I         J         K         L
          East-West Velocity Towards(+E/-  1:1       1:1       1:20      1:59359
          Echo Intensity data per beam     1:1       1:1       1:20      1:59359
          Echo Intensity data per beam     1:1       1:1       1:20      1:59359

yes? SHADE echo_intensity_beam1[L=1:`echo_intensity_beam1`:50]
yes? SHADE echo_intensity_beam2[L=1:`echo_intensity_beam2`:50]
yes? ! SHADE more variables ...

I'll check and see if I can find out exactly why the plot fails without strides.


McCann, Mike wrote:

Can someone help me understand what's wrong with my data set that's causing Ferret to crash when trying to plot the second variable?  Here's the terminal capture:

        FERRET v6
        Linux(g77) 2.6.9-22. - 08/25/06
        19-Jan-07 11:54

yes? USE "http://dods.mbari.org/cgi-bin/nph-nc/data/ssdsdata/deployments/m0/200504/m0_adcp1406_20050418.nc"
yes? SHADE/SET_UP echo_intensity_beam1
yes? SHADE/SET_UP echo_intensity_beam2
Segmentation fault

Thanks in advance,

Mike McCann 
Software Engineer
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
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