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Re: [ferret_users] Plot title at upper side (font hints and tips)

Hi Paulo -

There are many fonts, including Greek and lots of math characters. See the tables giving all the fonts at:

Character fonts:
http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/Ferret/Documentation/Users_Guide/ pplus_char_fonts.html

Symbol/math fonts
http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/Ferret/Documentation/Users_Guide/ pplus_symbol_fonts.html

You change fonts with the syntax @nn, where nn is font code (see the above pages). The default font is simplex roman (@sr). Font changes can be made at any point in the label (i.e. at the start, or in mid- label). The character fonts are referred to by the corresponding keyboard character, but the symbol fonts are done by number. For instance:

label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 @drA double-thickness font (duplex roman) label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 Start with simplex roman, @drswitch to duplex roman
label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 Embed a greek @sgp@sr pi character
label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 Partial dR/dx looks better as @im55@ciR@sr/@im55@cix

Also note that in all these fonts, an underscore makes the next character subscript, and up-arrow makes the next one superscript:

label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 Units of A_1: 10^-^1 N m^-^2

Also note that if a label begins with a number, you must specify a font:

label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 @sr2nd EOF of 20#C depth ! note that "#" makes a degree mark.

One font (@as) is special, in that it treats _ and ^ as ordinary ASCII characters. This is useful to write filenames that have underscores in the name.

Finally, note that you can also change font colors in a similar way:

label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 @c002Red text @c004Blue text

where the numbers c001 to c006 are the usual 6 Ferret colors: black red, green, blue, cyan, magenta

And perhaps the most useful font command of all, erase:

label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 Some text that was in error
label/nou `ctr` `toplab` 0 0 .2 @c019Some text that was in error ! erase it with white text!

Billy K

On 18Jan 2007, at 12:49 PM, Paulo Henrique wrote:

Hi Billy K,

I have found and successfully used the LABEL command, and I was exactly thinking how to find the center and top positions of plot's frame -- when I get your e-mail.

Is there any way to change label font?

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