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[ferret_users] Plotting curvilinear vectors

I have a series of wind vectors in the lat,lon,u,v format and have tried two methods to plot them (1) using the curvilinear version of VECTOR and (2) using the plot_vectors.jnl script. Method 1 gives me incorrect vectors, the script I used is attached (curvilinear_regrid.jnl). These winds are from a hurricane and from the plot, don't have the standard cyclonic flow. Method 2 works good for giving me the right picture (i.e. cyclonic flow), but I am having trouble making a vector key. I tried overlaying random vectors using a specified vector length, but the arrowhead size, scaling, etc are different (quikscat.jnl) and looks funny. Ideally, I would like to get the right plot with method 1 so I can use the many qualifiers (i.e. key) associated with VECTOR, that the plot_vectors.jnl script doesn't have. Any idea why the winds are messed up in method 1?

Thanks much,

Stephen R. Guimond
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)
Tallahassee, FL 32304


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 ! FERRET v5.60  
 ! IRIX 6.5 - 04/07/04
 ! 20-Feb-06 15:00     

def axis/x=1:20:1 xax
def axis/y=1:72:1/modulo yax
def grid/x=xax/y=yax g1
file/grid=g1/var="lat,lon,u,v" fort.8

set var/bad=-9999. u;set var/bad=-9999. v

def axis/y=1:73:1 nyax
def grid/like=g1/y=nyax g2
let nlat = lat[g=g2]
let nlon = lon[g=g2]
let nu = u[g=g2]
let nv = v[g=g2]

!let speed = (nu^2 + nv^2)^0.5
!fill speed,nlon,nlat

vector nu,nv,nlon,nlat

 ! FERRET v5.60  
 ! IRIX 6.5 - 04/07/04
 ! 17-Nov-06 17:02     

file/var="lat,lon,u,v" fort.8

set var/bad = -9999. u
set var/bad = -9999. v

let nu = u/8
let nv = v/8

go basemap x=280:300 y=25:35 5

go plot_vectors nu nv lon lat 2


let nrefu = 15/8
let nrefv = 0

!go plot_vectors nrefu nrefv 290 30

let array_u = i[i=1:2]*j[j=1:2]*0 + 15

let array_v = i[i=1:2]*j[j=1:2]*0 + 0

let array_lon = i[i=1:2]*j[j=1:2]*0 + 360

let array_lat = i[i=1:2]*j[j=1:2]*0 + 90

vector/overlay/len=15.0 array_u,array_v,array_lon,array_lat


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