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Re: [ferret_users] quikscat lat lon

One way to do this is to use @asn. First define the qscat grid for ferret:

def ax /x=0:359.75:0.25/units="Degrees Longitude"/modulo xqscat
def ax /y=-89.875:89.875:0.25/units="Degrees Latitude" yqscat
def ax /t="1-jan-2003:00:00:00":"31-dec-2003:00:00:00":1/unit="Days" tqscat
def grid /x=xqscat/y=yqscat/t=tqscat gqscat

then, (assuming you have the data in ferret, perhaps via DODS), re-define the qscat variables on this grid:

let /title="Ascending Track Average Wind Speed" windspeed_asc = ASC_AVG_WIND_SPEED[g=gqscat@asn]

"windspeed_asc" may then be saved or processed as you wish.

I hope this helps,

Andy Chiodi

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006, Domingos Urbano wrote:

Hi ferret users.

Has anyone known how to regrid the 1440 by 720 quikscat data into long by

I've tried define axis and define grid, but that isn't the right way.

Thanks in advance,

Andy Chiodi

School of Oceanography
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

(206) 526-6758

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