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Re: [ferret_users] txt files

Hi Guilia,
Yes you can work with data from text files and netcdf files together. To find out how to read text files, look at topics under "ascii data" in the Users Guide. Once you have opened more than one data set, you specify variables from each one with the data set number. You might want to look through the first 2 chapters of the Users guide to get an idea of the commands you will need. If you are a new user, I suggest you scan through chapters 1 - 4 and 6 for an overview of Ferret commands.

There is a script called compass_rose.jnl which makes an image that shows compass directions as attached below. If you are thinking of a wind rose which summarizes wind speed and direction (http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/climate/windrose.html) then this script addresses that. Read the script to see how it's divided into different sections, exploring how to do this in Ferret.



Giulia Clai wrote:
Is it possible to plot txt files and NetCDF files together with Ferret?
How can I produce a wind rose diagram with Ferret?
Thanks all


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