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[ferret_users] problem with the labels of the shakey

Hi Ferret users,

I'm in trouble with the shakey for a standard "shade" plot. The lowest label, supposed to be "0.00" is replaced by "*****". Does have anybody experienced the same problem? What's the solution?

Here are my commands:

define symbol shade = pal=white2grey/level=(0.0,0.5,0.05)
define symbol conto = col=1/level=(0,0.5,0.1,1)

go margins 1.5 1.5 1.3 1.7
shade/($shade)/i=6:129/j=6:129/noaxis/nolabel/set var,lon,lat
go layout ; pplus shakey ,,0.20,,-2, ; pplus shade

I tried different syntax for shakey, it didn't change anything. The shakey labels are: *****, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, etc., 0.50
If I don't try to modify the klab_dig argument (-2) of the shakey, then I get all labels correctly but I can't have a constant 2 decimals for each number (what's my goal here).

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!


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