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RE: [ferret_users] How can I produce a time series of JJA averages (orother intervals) from a monthly time series?

Dear All,


Thanks to Ansley and Jaison for their help on this thread.


Ansley’s script is for producing the JJA time series without averaging them (i.e. 3 points in each year), and Jaison’s script is for the averaged JJA time series (i.e. one point in each year).


Please note a minor problem in Define a calendar axis in Ansley’s script as follows.


! Define a calendar axis containing these months.
def axis/t0="`uwnd,return=t0`"/units="months" tsummer = just_summer[l=1:`nja`]


yes? def axis/t0="`uwnd,return=t0`"/units="months" tsummer = just_summer[l=1:`nja`]

 !-> def axis/t0="14-JAN-1980 14:00:00"/units="months" tsummer = just_summer[l=1:33]


But the t0 should start from “15-JUN-1982” in this example (I am not sure why t0="`uwnd,return=t0`" pick up t0="14-JAN-1980 14:00:00").


There is a way to fix this problem using the following line to redefine the calendar axis, though it is not automatically choose t0.


def axis/t0="14-DEC-1981 14:00:00"/units="months" tsummer = just_summer[l=1:33]


Any suggestion to the automatically choose t0 correctly?







From: Ansley Manke [mailto:Ansley.B.Manke@noaa.gov]
Sent: Thursday, 21 September 2006 2:03 AM
To: Li, Yun (CMIS, Floreat)
Cc: jaison@caos.iisc.ernet.in; oar.pmel.ferret_users@noaa.gov
Subject: Re: [ferret_users] How can I produce a time series of JJA averages (or other intervals) from a monthly time series?


Hi all,
The examples in the Users List archives work fine, but here's another script, which does not depend on building up a variable with a REPEAT loop and writing an intermediate file.  Just adding to the archives to close this thread...

! Create a time series containing only June,July, Augst data
! from a monthly data set.

use monthly_navy_winds

! Get a list of the month numbers representing June ,July, August
! This is correct since the data start in January, otherwise we
! would need an offset

let nmon = `uwnd,return=Lend`
let tt = t[t=1:`nmon`]
let june = if mod(tt,12) ge 6 then tt
let june_aug = if mod(june,12) le 8 then june
list june_aug

! The number of summer months.
let nja = `june_aug[t=@ngd]`

let just_summer = compressl(june_aug)
list just_summer[L=1:`nja`]

! Now sample the Lth point of uwnd for the summer months
let uwnd_jja = samplel(uwnd,just_summer[l=1:`nja`])

! Define a calendar axis containing these months.
def axis/t0="`uwnd,return=t0`"/units="months" tsummer = just_summer[l=1:`nja`]

! Put the sampled summer data on the calendar axis
let uwnd_summer = uwnd_jja[gt=tsummer@asn]
list/x=180/y=0 uwnd_summer

Yun.Li@csiro.au wrote:

Hi Jaison,


Thanks for your help. The example is very useful. I have obtained a solution to my problem following the lines of the example.


A minor question is why the extra item "(X=18.8E:18.8E(378.8), Y=91.3S:91.3N)" appears in the title of new variable UWND_JJA (see following lines).


yes? use uwnd_jja_mean.nc

yes? show data

     currently SET data sets:

    1> .\uwnd_jja_mean.nc  (default)

 name     title                             I         J         K         L

 UWND_JJA JJA Seasonal Mean UWND           1:144     1:73      ...      1:11

       (X=18.8E:18.8E(378.8), Y=91.3S:91.3N)



This extra item "(X=18.8E:18.8E(378.8), Y=91.3S:91.3N)" also appeared in my SLP_JJA case. How can I remove it?


Best regards,




-----Original Message-----
From: Jaison Kurian [mailto:jaison@caos.iisc.ernet.in]
Sent: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 4:16 PM
To: Li, Yun (CMIS, Floreat)
Cc: Ansley.B.Manke@noaa.gov; oar.pmel.ferret_users@noaa.gov
Subject: RE: [ferret_users] How can I produce a time series of JJA averages (or other intervals) from a monthly time series?


Hi Yun,

        Here is an example using monthly_navy_winds dataset.

Also see these two mails, which deals with somewhat similar

questions :





Hope this helps...





!-------Example : JJA seasonal mean from monthly data-----------


\ cancel mode verify

! Drawbacks : Data should start at January of a year. Otherwise

!             "yr_months" variable should be modified accordingly.


! monthly navy winds : 16-JAN-1982 to 17-DEC-1992



     use monthly_navy_winds


     ! create a mask such that only JJA is valid and all other months

     !    are set to missing value


     let L_indx    = L[GT=uwnd]

     let yr_months = L_indx- 12*INT((L_indx-1)/12)

     list yr_months


     ! JJA -->  L is 6-8


     let mask_other_months = IF yr_months GT 5 AND yr_months LT 9 THEN 1

     list yr_months, mask_other_months


     ! Apply the mask


     let uwnd_masked = uwnd[d=1] * mask_other_months

     list/x=60/y=10 uwnd_masked


     ! Club the JJA values together


     let uwnd_compr  = COMPRESSL(uwnd_masked)

     list/x=60/y=10 uwnd_compr


     ! 1982-1992 --> 11 years --> 11*3=33 data points

     ! we need to average this data points in pairs of 3 to find the

     !  seasonal mean. Easy way is to use two abstract axes, one

     !  with 33 points (ranging from 1-33) and another one with

     !  11 points (ranging from 2-32) and regrid using @AVE.


     define axis/t=1:33:1 t33

     let uwnd_jja_all = uwnd_compr[gt=t33@ASN]

     list/x=60/y=10 uwnd_jja_all


     define axis/t=2:32:3 t11  ! for the exact seasonal mean

     let uwnd_jja_av  = uwnd_jja_all[gt=t11@AVE]


     ! now assign a proper yearly time axis defined over 1982-1992

     !  here we dont need any interpolation but the grid change

     !  ..so use @ASN regridding


     define axis/t=1982:1992:1/units=years tyear

     let uwnd_jja  = uwnd_jja_av[gt=tyear@ASN]

     list/x=60/y=10 uwnd_jja ! 6.36 7.99 7.12  8.51 9.46 9.32

     set var/title="JJA Seasonal Mean UWND"/units="m/s" uwnd_jja


     ! save to a NetCDF file for future use


     ! sp rm -f uwnd_jja_mean.nc

     ! save/file=uwnd_jja_mean.nc/APPEND uwnd_jja


!-------------end of example-------------------------------------



On Wed, 20 Sep 2006 Yun.Li@csiro.au wrote:


> Hi Ansley,



> I am trying to do "Leaving only JJA SLP data" from a monthly NCEP SLP

> data "slp.mon.mean.nc". I have looked at

> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/FAQ/analysis/seasonal_masking.html.

> But I could not get a solution because of my poor ferret skills.  Could

> you please give me a help here?



> Thanks,




> Yun





>   _____ 


> From: Ansley Manke [mailto:Ansley.B.Manke@noaa.gov]

> Sent: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 3:02 AM

> To: Li, Yun (CMIS, Floreat)

> Cc: oar.pmel.ferret_users@noaa.gov

> Subject: Re: [ferret_users] How can I produce a time series of JJA

> averages (or other intervals) from a monthly time series?



> Hi Yun,

> Here are a couple of FAQ's for you to look at - if one of these is the

> kind of thing you want to do. If you need help applying the ideas,

> please write back to the users list.


> This FAQ makes a "seasonal mask" to pick out data from part of each

> year.  It does the problem with units of time in days; but if you're

> starting with monthly data you could do a similar thing with months,

> with JJA being months 6,7,8.  You could combine this with the COMPRESS

> functions to remove the missing data and leave only the JJA data.

> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/FAQ/analysis/seasonal_masking.html


> Or, did you have in mind a climatology, averaging all of the JJA data

> for all years, and returning just one point?  In that case, see

> "climatology, creating" in the Users Guide, and this FAQ for more

> examples

> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/FAQ/analysis/climatologies.html


> Ansley


> Yun.Li@csiro.au wrote:


> Dear Ferreters,



> I am trying to produce a seasonal time series (such as JJA time series)

> from a monthly time series.



> There is an example from the Ferret FAQ on "How can I produce a time

> series of annual averages (or other intervals) from a monthly time

> series?"



> http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/FAQ/analysis/annual_from_monthly.html



> I would be most grateful if you can let me know how to produce a

> seasonal averaged time series (such as June-July-August average time

> series) from a monthly time series by modifying the code used to produce

> annual time series in the above web page, that is,



>      yes?  SET DATA monthly_navy_winds


>      yes?  DEFINE AXIS/EDGES/T0=1-jan-1900/UNITS=days tann82_92 =

> DAYS1900(X[i=1982:1993:1],1,1)


>      yes?  PLOT/X=180/Y=0 uwnd


>      yes?  PLOT/X=180/Y=0/over uwnd[gt=tann82_92@ave]     ! the above

> plot





> Thanks,



> Yun Li


> CSIRO, Australia







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