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[ferret_users] Announcing Ferret Version 6.0

Let's try this again. Clicking on the release notes link led to the wrong link yesterday -

         * * * Announcing Ferret Version 6.0 * * *

             * * * for Solaris and Linux * * *

Announcing the official release of version 6.0 of Ferret. This release includes new features, particularly syntax to access and control attributes of variables. This capability also allows us to control the upper- or lower-case spelling of variable names when they are written to netCDF files. A number of bugs are fixed, and most functions previously distributed as external functions are now linked into the Ferret executable.

The release includes a statically-linked linux executable for Ferret, which should run on many more linux platforms. We also include a 64-bit build of Ferret for linux.

Web address: http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/
anonymous ftp: ftp.ferret.noaa.gov

For a list of new features
and bug fixes included in V6.0 see:

Ansley Manke
Steve Hankin
Kevin O'Brien
Jon Callahan
Roland Schweitzer
Jing Li
Steve Du

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