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Re: [ferret_users] question about window's aspect

Hi -
I have just one more method to mention.  Billy and Mick give great answers, but another simple way to handle this is SET WINDOW/ASPECT=y_over_x:AXIS. This sets the aspect ratio of the window so that the axes have the desired ratio. Margins around the plot are set automatically.

   yes? LET lon_diff = lon_max - lon_min
   yes? LET  lat_diff  = lat_max - lat_min

   yes? SET WIN/ASPECT=`lat_diff/lon_diff`:AXIS


jammal Tanclei wrote:
Hi everybody~
I need your help.
It's simple and quick question.
In ferret, the window aspect is fixed, so when I change the region,
the distance of same degree's longitude and latitude become different.
So the shape of geographical map shrnks or expands horizontally or vertically.
Is there any option or command to change window's aspect following the real geographical shape not a fixed aspect?

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