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Re: [ferret_users] question about window's aspect

The best way to control the aspect ratio is to define your own viewports, using the DEF VI/AXES syntax.

For example, suppose I want a viewport that is 33 units wide and 23 units tall, and I want the space on the left to be 5 units, on the right 3, on the bottom 4, and the top 6:

let hor=`33+5+3`; let vert=`23+4+6`
set win/asp=`vert/hor`
def vi/axes/xli=`3/hor`,`36/hor`/yli=`4/vert`,`27/vert` newasp
set vi newasp

This kind of thing gets even more useful when you have multiple viewports.

Billy K

On Aug 7, 2006, at 7:27 PM, jammal Tanclei wrote:

Hi everybody~

I need your help.
It's simple and quick question.

In ferret, the window aspect is fixed, so when I change the region,
the distance of same degree's longitude and latitude become different.
So the shape of geographical map shrnks or expands horizontally or vertically.

Is there any option or command to change window's aspect following the real geographical shape not a fixed aspect?


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