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Re: [ferret_users] Weird behavior for centered palette over a FRAMEgif grab

Hi Pierre,
We have not had any other reports of this, and I didn't see it in a couple of simple examples I tried. If you can create an example we'll be happy to look into it. Are you running Ferret with the -gif startup switch?

> ferret -gif


Pierre St-Laurent wrote:
Hello dear Ferret users,

I encountered an incorrect behavior in Ferret 5.81 :

I use a REPEAT loop that grabs (ferret -gif mode, FRAME/FILE="file.gif")
the result of a SHADE/PAL=CENTERED command. The colors inside the gif
files are wrong. It happens only with centered palettes. And the problem
only happens within the .gif files, i.e. if I comment the FRAME call and
visualize the result on screen, the colors are okay.

My box is a common Linux, with 24-bit colors and backingstore enabled,
Ferret version is 5.81 binary downloaded from official site.

Could someone confirm that this is a known problem? If not, I'll spend
some time to write a nice testcase which reproduces the bug.

Best regards,


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