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Re: [ferret_users] Question about plot the vertical profile

Hi, Jaison
   This works! Thank you for your help. I appreciate.


On Tue, 20 Jun 2006, Jaison Kurian wrote:

Hi Ming,
         You have to give the Z-axis name along with the
"set axis/DEPTH" command. Proceed as follows :

 1. Open your dataset     ( yes? use mydataset.nc )

 2. Get the variable name ( Yes? show data        )
       let us say it is "myvar"

 3. Get the Z-axis name   ( yes? show grid myvar  )
       You will get four names in the first column, and the
       Z-axis will be the third one.

       let it be "ZAXIS"

 4. Assign "positive up" attribute using "set axis" command

       yes? set axis/DEPTH ZAXIS

 5. Now the "show grid" command should show a "-" sign in the
       third column for the Z-axis (third line) like :

       ZAXIS   DEPTH (m)     20 i-     0     5000

 6. Make the plot.

If these steps does not fix your problme, please send me the
output of "show data" and "show grid" command to me.

There are other means to fix your problem. See the discussions
starting with this one in the Ferret mail archive :




On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Ming Yang wrote:

Hi, guys
I have a question for you. I have a 4D dataset rho (3D in space and 1D in time), which is the density of the seawater in the ocean. I want to plot the vertical profile of rho at a specific point (say I=9, J=67) and at a specific time (L=1). The problem is how can I make the y axis plotted as downward positive? I tried to use "SET AXIS/DEPTH", but I always get the error message, "**ERROR: invalid command: unknown axis:". Does anybody know why? Thank you for your attention.


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