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[ferret_users] Relatively Simple Questions

Dear Members,

This is my first official message to the ferret user list. I recently installed ferret on my computer (X86_64 running Redhat Enterprise Linux WS3). The following two questions are probably fairly trivial, but I need assistance ASAP.

Question #1
The attached netcdf file contains data for a particular variable written to a 2-D grid (geographic projection). Does anyone have a ferret script that will input this netcdf file and (1) create contours of this data and/or (2) plot the values in 2-D space? It would be helpful if the output can be both displayed on the computer screen, and stored in a format wherein a hardcopy can be created.

Question #2
Does anyone have a ferret script that will input the foregoing netcdf file and output (to a textfile or to standard output) as many of the following values as possible?
1. Arithmetic Mean
2. Minimum value
3. Maximum value
4. Maximum finite difference value in each direction
5. Maximum horizontal gradient value in each direction
6. N (number of data values other than missing values)
7. Standard Deviation
8. Distance between the minimum and maximum values

The script would need to ignore all values designated in the netcdf file as "missing".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Attachment: LST_Night_1km.ncatted2.nc
Description: Binary data

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