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[ferret_users] contours, hlimits=, x=, ?

Hi Ferret users and developers,

I reported a similar problem a while ago, but now things
are looking "curiouser and curiouser".  Basically, I'm wondering
what happens and what should happen when hlimits= (vlimits=) is
specified for a contour plot.

Here's little experiment I've done:


First, when I don't specify x= or y=,

  yes? set data etopo120
  yes? fill/lev=(-6000,4000,1000,-1)/hlimits=10:30/vlimits=80s:60s \

I get a huge white region, as seen in the plot in my webpage cited
above.  Is this just me? or does this happen to other users?

Next, when I specify both hlimits (vlimits) and x= (y=),

  yes? fill/. . ./hlimits=10:30/vlimits=80s:60s \
           /x=10:30/y=80s:60s   rose

I get a clean plot.

The plot isn't quite satisfactory, though, because there is a white
region along the edges (and I think I know why).
Since we have datapoints outside our plotting region,
why not use them?

  yes? fill/. . ./hlimits=10:30/vlimits=80s:60s \
           /x=9:31/y=81s:59s rose

But, this plan partially fails.  When we extend only in the y-direction
(y=81s:59s), the contouring region is extended to the northern 
and southern edges.  Good.  But, when we extend in the
x-direction (x=9:31), we get a weired plot, as shown in my webpage.

Maybe am I doing something which shouldn't work?


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