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Re: [ferret_users] **ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: must be a2D region

Hi Bob,
I think this is because the name of the variable "T" from the file, is the same as the keyword T in Ferret which refers to time steps on axes. In the Users Guide, see "naming, variables in NetCDF files" for a discussion of this. Try putting the variable name in quotes

yes? fill 'T'[k=1,l=1]

or you could rename it in your script

yes? let my_t = 'T'[d=1]

You'll need to use the same upper or lowercase form of T that's in the file. Use ncdump,

> ncdump -h filename.nc

to look at the file header and check which it is.

Bob Tomas wrote:

Hello all,

I am having trouble figuring out what ferret is telling me.

I am trying to plot an atmospheric temperature field in some GCM output.
I have other fields created in a similar fashion and the plot OK.

Here is what ferret says:

0[842]0 mineral:/<2>tomas/f30.100c_br1/stats $ ferret
FERRET v5.80
Linux(g77) 2.4.20 - 01/03/05
10-May-06 16:13

yes? use T_p.f30.100c_br1.cam2.h1.0350_0369-05-01_10-31_emean.nc
*** NOTE: netCDF bounds variable definition error
*** NOTE: Bounds definition "time_bnds" points to no existing axis
*** NOTE: Ignoring BOUNDS attribute
yes? show data
currently SET data sets:
1> ./T_p.f30.100c_br1.cam2.h1.0350_0369-05-01_10-31_emean.nc (default)
name title I J K L
T 1:128 1:64 1:19 1:184

yes? fill t[k=1,l=1]
**ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: must be a 2D region
CONTOUR/FILL t[k=1,l=1]

It looks to me that I have specified a 2D region. How do I make it more 2D?


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