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[ferret_users] plot of differences, what pattern?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to plot as clearly as possible a XY variable ranging between -1 and 1 let's say, by 0.1 step. The variable is a bit messy to the extent negative and positive values are next to each other and no clear separation appears. With a grey scale (no colour allowed this time), it's impossible to see what is negative, what is positive.

I'm wondering whether it'll be possible to plot a "+" symbol for positive values and a "-" symbol for negative values (instead of a filled gridmesh) and to mimic in the same time the pattern tool by changing the colour of the "+" and the "-". The closer the values would be to |1|, the darker the "+" or "-" symbol would be.

I've been playing with palette/pattern combinations, without any real success  so far.
Is it possible to create one's own pattern?

Thanks for any suggestion,



Physicist, PhD student

Regional climate modelling, Tropical climate

Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)
Institut d'astronomie et de géophysique G. Lemaître (ASTR)
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