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Re: [ferret_users] Sea area demarcation

Here's a writeup about how to use the data from the Coastline Extractor that Ryo pointed out:


Ryo Furue wrote:

Hi Juanxiong,

| | I would like to know where I can find the sea area demarcation data, | | such as the boundary line between Arctic Archipelago and Baffin Bay. | | It's a terrible thing to using eyes identifying the boundary line poin | | by point.
| | A set of topography data comes with Ferret [...]

I think that was a very stupid answer, sorry. I reread your message
and realized you want to know the locations (longitudes and latitudes)
of coasts. For that, you need to look for coastline data. For
example, you can get coastlines as a series of lat-lon pairs from:


I guess there's a similar dataset somewhere in the Ferret


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