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Re: [ferret_users] Sea area demarcation

Hi Juanxiong,

| I would like to know where I can find the sea area demarcation data, 
| such as the boundary line between Arctic Archipelago and Baffin Bay. 
| It's a terrible thing to using eyes identifying the boundary line poin 
| by point.

A set of topography data comes with Ferret, which you can view as,
for example,

   yes? set data etopo20
   yes? fill/x=100:150/y=60n:89n rose
   yes? contour/x=100:150/y=60n:89n/ov rose

The zero contour lines are the coast lines.  I think we have
by default etopo120, etopo60, etopo40, and etopo20,
last one having the highest horizontal resolution.

Another possibility that I can think of, and that I don't know
how to achieve, is to use some coast-line data instead of


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