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Re: [ferret_users] problem with description files and packed data

     This is a known problem with Ferret version 5.8 (& with 5.81 also,
i think). With previous versions of Ferret (like 5, 5.53 & 5.7) there
is no problem like this. I expect that developers will fix this problem
with descriptor files in the next release.

  For a detailed discussion about this problem, please have a look at the
following mail and other mails in that chain:




On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, Sophie Bouffies-Cloche (IPSL) wrote:


I have some problem with a description file that contains netcdf files with packed data (with add_offset and scale_factor). When I run Ferret individually on each netcdf file, the data are properly plotted (they are unpacked correctly on the Ferret plot) but when I use the .des file the plot is not correct and the data are not unpacked by Ferret.

Why Ferret does not unpack the data when the .des file is used? what is the possible error?

NB: The variable in the netcdf file contains this kind of attribute:

short data(time, lat, lon) ;
data:units = "1" ;
data:long_name = "Normalized Difference Vegetation Index" ;
data:valid_range = 0.f, 1.f ;
data:actual_range = 0.008f, 0.9760001f ;
data:missing_value = -999s ;
data:_FillValue = -999s ;
data:scale_factor = 0.001f ;

thank you for your help

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