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Re: [ferret_users] vector/aspect question

Hi Billy,

| The lesson here is to always make maps  
| of vectors in a viewport with the correct aspect ratio!

I think this is good advice.   But, when your viewport does
NOT have the correct aspect ratio, which is more misleading,
a plot with the "aspect" qualifier or one wihtout it?
That may be a matter of taste or familiarity.  _I_ would
be misled by a plot without the qualifier, because in my mental
image, a plot is on a rubber sheet with grid lines drawn on it:
You draw your vectors on the sheet and when you stretch it in one
direction, both the grid lines and vectors are CORRECTLY distorted.
That is, I perceive the directions (angles) of vectors in reference
to the grid lines not to the egdes of the physical paper.

So, my general rule is, always use vector/asp.  Your advice
"use a viewport with the correct aspect ratio" satisfies both camps,
of course.


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