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[ferret_users] problem about giving value to array

dear users
     Now I have problems.I want to calculate every time step upper layer 
average density and lower layer average density on one point. zh(199) is a 
depth variable which is changing with time.
repeat/l=1:199 (let uave=denano[z=0:zh[l=`l`]@ave];let 
list uave
 **ERROR: command syntax: ZH[L=199]
this command is ineffective

repeat/l=1:199 (let zhh=zh[l=`l`];let uave=denano[z=0:`zhh`@ave];let 
 list uave
this is ok ,why?

another problem 
I want  uave is a array(199) which can store value in every time step,the 
dimension is 199.How can I in the repeat command give the value to uave[l='l']
repeat/l=1:199 (let zhh=zh[l=`l`];
let uave[l='l']=denano[z=0:`zhh`@ave,l=`l`];
let lave[l=`l`]=denano[z=`zhh`:700@ave,l=`l`])

!-> REPEAT: L=1
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE zhh=zh[l=1]
 *** NOTE: Ambiguous coordinates on T axis: RHO_UN(SAO,THO[D=1],0.)
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE uave[l='l']=denano[z=0:161.92@ave]
 **ERROR: command syntax: illegal name: UAVE[L
DEFINE VARIABLE uave[l='l']=denano[z=0:161.92@ave]

this is not ok.why?

thank you very much .

lin Mu
Zimmer 211
Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology
Bundes str. 53
D-20146 Hamburg
Voice   :  +49 (0)40 41173 153
Fax     :  +49 (0)40 41173 153

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