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[ferret_users] Re: regridding problem

well, i solved the problem. it seems that dataset name/number has to be explicitly specified even though variable hfacc is in the default dataset...

- d.

David Wang wrote:
hi ferreters,

i have two variables which are defined on the essentially same geographic xyz coordinates, but not the same axes (they are from two different netcdf files). i simply want to regrid one onto the grid of another.

yes? show grid phihyd
name axis # pts start end
X X 156 r 131.5 286.5
Y Y 60 r -29.5 29.5
ZMD000027 Z 27 r 1 27
T T (s) 24 r 3.1363E+08 3.7325E+08

yes? show grid hfacc
name axis # pts start end
X1 LONGITUDE 156mr 131.5E 73.5W
Y1 LATITUDE 60 r 29.5S 29.5N
Z DEPTH (m) 27 i- 5 3126.5
normal T

yes? let tmp = phihyd[gxyz=hfacc@asn]
yes? shade/k=1/l=1 tmp
**ERROR: unknown defining grid: GXYZ=HFACC@ASN

i don't understand why it went wrong... any hints are appreciated.

- d.w.

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