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Re: [ferret_users] the poings right below the MLD

Hi Seon & Ansley,
                   I wrote 3 GO files to do the calculation of MLD
variables easily. Please see the files in the attached tar file
(mld_jnls.tar). Now the process of finding the MLD and a field's
value just below the MLD can be done with these GO files quiet
easily. Here is a small description about the 3 GO files in the
attachment (for more details see the comment in the beggining of
these jnl files) :

 mld_dens.jnl : To find MLD based on density criteria.
                 Inputs : temp & salt , delta_T (optional)
                 Output : mld_d

 mld_temp.jnl : To find MLD based on temperature criteria.
                (It is same is Isothermal Layer Depth, ILD)
                 Inputs : temp , delta_T (optional)
                 Output : mld_t

 mlbase_var.jnl : To find the value of a variable (say temp or salt)
                     at the base of the given Mixed Layer.
                  To extend the given MLD to the base of the
                     corresponding grid cells

                  Inputs : field to be extracted (temp/salt/dens...)
                                and MLD
                  Output : var_mlbase & mld_extn

 How to solve your problem using these jnl files ? Here is an example :

                yes? use levitus_climatology
                yes? set reg/x=30:120/y=-30:30
                yes? go mld_temp temp
                yes? go mlbase_var temp, mld_t
                yes? list/x=60/y=10 mld_t
                yes? list/x=60/y=10 mld_extn
                yes? list/x=60/y=10 temp_mlbase
                yes? list/x=60/y=10 temp
                yes? fill temp_mlbase

If there is any problem with these GO files or the method i used,
plese let me know. Please do a consistancy check (as in the above
example) before using the results.

Hope this helps,



On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Ansley Manke wrote:

Hi Seon,
Just a few ideas, since nobody's answered yet, I'd like to point you to
the discussions of @LOC and @WEQ, and also @EVNT in the Users Guide.
Also see "isosurface, example" in the Users Guide index The examples
under @WEQ should give you some ideas.

I haven't had time to think it through, but remember that you can use
variables z[gz=var], and k[gz=var] for the coordinates and the indices
of your variable.


Seon Tae wrote:

Hi all...

I have an upper ocean temperature data. I am trying to obtain
temperature at the grid points right below the MLD. Is there anyone to
help me with it?

Thank you very much in advance....!!

-Seon Tae-

Attachment: mld_jnls.tar
Description: Unix tar archive

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