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Re: [ferret_users] ppl yfor

Hi -
It looks like the machinery that generates strings for labels from a user-supplied format has trouble with a format statement with a string and then an I format. (The command ppl yfor ("B", i4) also fails, giving B****). I'll look into this, but in the meantime note that a format of

ppl yfor ("\", f8.0)

works. The addition of a dot a the end of your numbers may not quite be what you want but it's closer to the desired result. Note that Prasad is using "\" for a blank; if we just use " ", then subsequent processing removes the blanks preceeding the numbers.


Prasad Thoppil (Forn-Natl) wrote:

I am trying to control the y-axis label format on the right side. See my
example below

use coads_climatology
plot/set/x=65/y=10 uwnd
ppl axlabp 1 1
ppl yfor,(f8.2) (WORKS FINE)
ppl yfor,("\", f8.2) (WORKS FINE, I NEED THIS)
ppl yfor,(i8) (WORKS FINE)
ppl yfor,("\", i8) (DOES NOT WORK, WHY? )
ppl plot



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