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Re: [Ferret] question about using proleptic gregorian calendar

Hi Ingo,
Ferret does use a proleptic Gregorian as its standard calendar. (That is, the Gregorian calendar is applied to times before it was actually established, so that time conventions are consistent since year 0000.) There are files which use the UDUNITS shift; including many files written by the CDC (climate diagnostics center). Those files use a time origin of 1-jan-0001:00:00 and Ferret does apply the 2-day shift to those files.

If you create your time axes with any other time origin, the proleptic Gregorian calendar axis will be used. I will find the text in the documentation and clarify it.


Ingo.Bethke@student.uib.no wrote:


We are planning to have some simulations which start 1400 and will cross the
udunits standard calendar discontinuity in 1582.
As far as I experienced, ferret 5.8 doesn't accept the attribute value
'proleptic_gregorian' from the CF convention. However, the documentation says
that Ferret's gregorian calendar is proleptic gregorian but nc-files with the
attribute value 'gregorian' or 'standard' are identified as mixed julian/gregorian.
So, how can I make ferret identify my calendar as proleptic?
Thanks, Ingo Bethke

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