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Re: Reading from standard input (revisited from 2001)

Hi Steve,
No, we have not had a chance to find a fix for this.  Note that it's system
dependent.  It happens under linux but not Solaris.


Steve Cousins wrote:

Just a note to say that there still appears to be a bug when trying to get
ferret to take input from the command line like:

ferret -gif < gif.jnl

when gif.jnl is greater than 512 bytes. It seems to chop off the first
512 bytes.

On 20011109 Ansley Manke replied to Andrew Irwins email about this, saying
that as of Beta v5.33 the bug still existed. I'm using v5.53. Maybe it
has been fixed since then but I didn't see anything about it in the
Release Notes for 5.6 or 5.7.

I'm using the work-around that was suggested (having a short intermediate
jnl that calls gif.jnl) but thought it would be good to reawaken this bug


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