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Re: Outlining grid boxes

Hi John,
Take a look at the FAQ,

which shows a method of defining areas and outlining them using a script
called mask_outline.jnl which is included in the Ferret distribution; I
imagine you could modify this to outline individual grid boxes.

I see that the script needs some updating; it creates variables for the
upper and lower edges of grid boxes rather than using the pseudo-variables
XBOXLO, XBOXHI, etc.  I'll let you know when this is updated; right
now it looks like it's only good for regularly-spaced grids.

Ansley Manke

John Krasting wrote:

I am using GFDL climate model output and I am trying to outline individual
grid boxes and areas of grid boxes.

The GO BOX script uses latitude and longitude as its inputs. Is there an
easier way to outline individual grid boxes without having to manually
compute the coordinates of the box corners?

John Krasting

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Rutgers University
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New Brunswick, NJ USA 08901-8551
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