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how to plot polar grid data (ascii) in ferret only north/south pole

Dear ferret users,

   I have an ascii file which, contains longitude, 
latitude and variabile in polar coordinate.
Is it possible for me to generate a netcdf 
file using ferret Or is it possible to view 
in ferret. If so please help me to do this.
If not bye ferret, how can I generate a polar 
grid data in netcdf file.
I have tried to generate netcdf file by 
reading lat-lon values. It gave the following error.
alias daxis1 def axis/x/from_data/x/npoints=448/name=xax
daxis1/unit=deg lons[d=1,i=1:448]
 **ERROR: improper grid or axis definition: data for DEFINE
AXIS/FROM_VARIABLE is not monotonic
def axis/x/from_data/x/npoints=448/name=xax/unit=deg lons[d=1,i=1:448]
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
Thanks in advance.

With regards,
K.V. Ramesh 
CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS) 
NAL Belur Campus, Bangalore - 560 037, India.
E-mail: ramesh@cmmacs.ernet.in, kvram55@yahoo.com

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