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Sigma To z coordinate

Dear Ferreters,

I am trying to convert results from my model (sigma coord) to z coordinates.

When I tried use ZAXREPLACE, some problems occur. I followed the sigma_coordinate_demo.jnl as example. The following is my own journal:

use test.cdf !(5 sigma levels)
let flow=s ! flow takes place of salinity - s
let h0=dep[k=s] !dep -> my bathmetry
let h_nor=h0/h0[k=1:5@sum]
let h=h_nor*(-1*dep)
let depth=h[k=@sum]-h/2
define axis/z=0:100:5/unit=meters/depth zdepth
let salt=ZAXREPLACE(s,depth,z[gz=zdepth])
shade salt[i=131,l=1]

Any comment would be appreciated.

Masoud Sadrinasab
School of Earth Sciences
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Flinders University of South Australia
South Australia 5042
Phone: +61 8 82013055
Fax: +61 8 82012676
Mobile: +61 404 125 524
E-mail: Masoud.Sadrinasab@flinders.edu.au

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