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label font

Dear Ferreters:

I have a subtle question on label fonts:

I am using 

label/user x0, y0, 0, 0, .30, @pnLetter

to control the font (color and thickness of line) of

I can use p1 to p9, but unable to use p10-p18 which
effectively uses p1 by ferret.

Is it possible for us to write a big bold letter using
p13 (rather than p7), for example?

Boyin Huang
The Center for Research on the Changing Earth System (CRCES)
10211 Wincopin Circle, Suite 240
Columbia, Maryland 21044
Tel. 410-992-5300/19 (O), 410-461-9339(H) 
Fax. 410-992-5944, Email. byh@crces.org 

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