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overlaying with @asn on time axis


I'm trying to overlay a line plot of surface mixed layer depth over a
shade plot of mixing coefficient.  It works OK if I have a simple time
axis, but if I try to regrid to a calendar time axis, the overlay doesn't

Here's a simple example that recreates the problem:

! define the axes
def axis/t=1:10:1 t1
define axis/t="1-mar-2001":"10-mar-2001":1/units=days t2
define axis/z=1:100:1 z1

! create a couple variables to plot
let varz= 0*t[gt=t1]+z[gz=z1]
let dep = {10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100}

! This one works
shade varz
plot/over dep[gt=t1@asn]

! This one doesn't
shade varz[gt=t2@asn]
plot/over dep[gt=t2@asn]

I've tried all sorts of things to fix dep, like specifying the l range and
defining an intermediate variable, but nothing I've tried works.  Maybe
someone else can find a way?


Elizabeth L. Dobbins
Research Scientist
phone: (206) 526-4581

"Various forms of jiggery-pokery were used to suit
horses to courses."  -- Michael Burleigh

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