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Re: drawing a rectangle on a 2D map

     Andrew suggested a good method with polygon command. You can also
plot the rectangle by using the "box.jnl" distributed with ferret
(check in your ferret/go directory).

Usage : GO box xlo xhi ylo yhi [pen_number]

Here is an example:

   yes? use coads_climatology
   yes? fill/x=100:300/y=-50:50/l=1 sst ! base plot
   yes? go box 180,220,-10,10,7         ! red thick rectangle
   yes? go box 170,230,-15,15,9         ! green thick rectangle
Hope this helps 

With Regards


On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Andrew Wittenberg wrote:

> On 13 Oct 2004, Vincent Le Fouest wrote:
> > I did a 2D map using etopo2.cdf. Now, I would like to overlay on this
> > georeferenced map a rectangle delimited by four couples of coordinates
> > to delimit a particular area. Is there a way to do it?
> Hi Vincent,
> The following overlays a red rectangle with a black border between
> x=150:180 and y=-20:20.
> poly/ov/nolab/pal=red/line=1 {150,180,180,150,150}, {-20,-20,20,20,-20}
> The two {braces} are sequences of x- and y-coordinates.  Drop the "line=1"  
> for no border, or drop the "pal=red" for a transparent rectangle.
> Cheers,
> Andrew


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