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Re: title of variable

Try this:
let/title="NRA1 Wind speed" wind=wnd
then plot/display the new variable wind. you should be able to see the new title.
Good luck!

Hiroyuki Tomita wrote:
Dear Ferret Users,

I have a small question for ferret.

I read a NetCDF file created by ferret
and then the command "show data" gives following result.

yes? sho data
currently SET data sets:
1> ./NRA1_WND_6HR_DAILY_1992-2000.nc (default)
name title I J K L
WND NRA1 Wind Speed 1:192 1:94 ... 1:3288
(T=31-DEC-1991 12:00:31-DEC-1992 12:00)


I want to erace the string "(T=31-DEC-1991 12:00:31-DEC-1992 12:00)"
because this string does not make sense in my NetCDF file.
How can I do it?

I guessed this string is title of variable,
so I tried to re-title using follwing command
set var/title="NRA1 Wind Speed" WND
But the string was not erased.


Hiroyuki Tomita

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