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Re: region box

Hi Wendy,

The 'plot' command can be used to add an area box to a map.
If you define variables, lets say 'lat' and 'lon' such that they contain the latitudes and longitudes that make up the corners of your box, then somthing like

plot/ov/vs/line=7/nolabel/i=1:5 lon,lat

will draw the box.

Although there are other ways to define variables, I've often found that storing the latitudes and longitudes in a text file, and reading them in, using the command

file/var="lat,lon" box

is a convienient method when you're likely to draw the same box a number of times. In this case 'box' would be a text file that contained only a column of latitudes and longitudes, something like this;

-28.0 224.0
-23.0 224.0
-23.0 234.0
-28.0 234.0
-28.0 224.0

I hope this helps,


On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Wendy Wang wrote:

Hi ferret-users,

Is there a simple way to put/add an area box on a map?
I have a clim. SST for the Pacific. I'd like to put a box that
shows Nino3 region.

Wendy Wang
Andy Chiodi

School of Oceanography
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

(206) 526-6758

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