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Re: Setting a region

Hi Ben,

The Y region that you are attempting to set is broader that the Y size of the
grid, itself.  Essentially, there are two "sizes" to be set: 1) the span of data
that you are interested in; and 2) the span of the plotted axes.  The Set Region
command (and the /X=/Y= qualifiers on the various commands) sets the span of the

  ==> use the /HLIMITS and /VLIMITS commands to control the plotting region
independently from the data region.

    - steve

Ben Burford wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm using the script below to read in data in a stream, establish the data i
> n an 11 x 11 array with 5 levels and define the x and y axis to provide geol
> ocation information to the array.
> After running the script in Ferret I want to set a region.  If I enter:
> set region/x=131.02E:137.52E
> I can do shade/k=1 tb
> and the data is shown in the region.  But if I try to do the same thing for
> the y axis by entering:
> set region/y=3.8N:10.3N
> Ferret ignores this and doesn't change the y axis.
> How can I set the region for both x and y axes?
> Thank you,
> Ben
> define axis/x=1:11:1 xax
> define axis/y=1:11:1 yax
> define axis/z=1:5:1 zax
> define grid/x=xax/y=yax/z=zax gax1
> file/format=stream/type=i2/swap/skip=`2048/4`/grid=gax1/var=tb_scale F13SSMI
> 1B_200107152131_wpo_low
> let tb=tb_scale/10
> set var/bad=9999 tb
> define axis/x=133.02E:135.52E:.25 xax
> define axis/y=5.8N:8.3N:.25 yax
> set var/title="Brightness Temperature" tb
> set var/units="Kelvin" tb
>   SAY ----------------------------------
>   SAY "Var = tb"
>   SAY "Channels = 5"
>   SAY ----------------------------------


Steve Hankin, NOAA/PMEL -- Steven.C.Hankin@noaa.gov
7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-0070
ph. (206) 526-6080, FAX (206) 526-6744

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