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vis5d files from ferret

Dear Ferret users

I would like to use Ferret to write a Vis5D-file of atmospheric temperature data. Basically, I use the following command to write the file:

GO vis5d_write dTemp_apr.v5d DTEMP_APR

Writing of the file then also works, but when I display the data in vis5d+ (vis5d+-1.2.1) they are erroneous, i.e. they are upside-down. Instead of a positive z-axis pointing upwards (atmosphere), the z-axis points downwards (ocean). I also tried defining the z-axis with the depth qualifiyer and afterwards turning my data in Vis5d by 180. But then, obviously, everythign is mirrored...

Last October, there was a similar problem in the ferret list (http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/Mail_Archives/fu_2003/msg00743.html), but no reply to it. Does anyone have an idea how to correctly write my (atmospheric!!) data with the "vis5d_write" EF.

Thanks for any help,

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