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Adding geolocation to my data

Hello Fellow Ferreters,

I wrote the following script to read data from a file:

define axis/x=1:11:1 xax
define axis/y=1:11:1 yax
define axis/z=1:5:1 zax
define grid/x=xax/y=yax/z=zax gax1
file/format=stream/type=i2/swap/skip=`2048/4`/grid=gax1/var=tb_scale F13SSMI
let tb=tb_scale/10
set var/bad=9999 tb
set var/title="Brightness Temperature" tb
set var/units="Kelvin" tb
  SAY "Var = tb"
  SAY "Channels = 5"

As you can see the data is on an 11 by 11 grid (which is 0.25 deg x 0.25 deg
).  The two levels are data at different frequencies.

I have additional information about this data:
Grid size: 0.25 deg x 0.25 deg spacing (total area is 2.5 degree by 2.5 degr
Lat/lon at the center of the Lower Left Pixel: lat 5,80  lon 133.02
Observation Date Time(UT): 2001/07/15 21:31:18 

Can anyone show me how to insert lat/lon information, and possibly grid spac
ing (0.25 deg x 0.25 deg) information, into my script to geolocate the data 
onto a global grid?  I may also have to do something to specify high resolut
ion to look at this data.

I want to be able to geolocate this data in order to use this data in Ferret
 in combination with other data, such as model output data.

Thank you,


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