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Re: How can I launch X window?

I'd like to add that, although the FAQ doesn't mention it, the free cygwin X-server runs ferret perfectly well in Windows 2000 and XP. It takes a little bit of work to get it set up, but it is free, and is based on the x.org X windows server, so it's pretty much the standard. I've been running it with no problems for a couple of years now.


Ansley Manke wrote:

Hello Esteban,
Do you have X server software on your PC?  Here is an FAQ
document about what you need to do to run Ferret on a Windows
system.  I hope it will answer your questions:


Esteban Benítez Cambreleng wrote:


It´s the first time that I use Ferret. I´ve windows XP.
When I've finished to setting up it, and i run the example (go ptest) the screen shows this message:

"Can't connect to X Server :0.0
Your DISPLAY environment variable must be set to
point to a working X server."

I've tried to change Display´s value but it ever appear the same message. it only varies :0.0 which depends the given value.

Thanks for yoour Cooperation

Esteban (SPAIN)

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