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Re: logarithmic scale using FILL command


I 've been using fill or shade to display the LOG of the variable
(chlorophyll - chl below) and then work manually to adjust the
labels in the color key. For example:

shade/set/lev=(-5)(-1.0,1.0,0.1)(5)/pal=low_red log(chl)

! kx_lo, kx_hi, ky_lo, ky_hi, need to be set manually acording the
! window size so... BE SURE you are satisfied with the choosen
! window size and aspect (set win/size=?/asp=?)

ppl SHAKEY 1, 1, 0.1, 1, 4, 8,kx_lo, kx_hi, ky_lo, ky_hi

ppl shade Chl_a (mg/m^3)

! erase original key w/ values of LOG(chl)
! xlft,xrgt,ybot,ytop depend on the specific geographic region
! where ferret puts the key.
! its useful to comment this line while finding values for XX,yy1,yy2,etc.


! To label the correspondent values of CHL
! XX, yy1, yy2, ... have to be set manually...

label XX,yy1,-1,0,0.10 @as 0.125
label XX,yy2,-1,0,0.10 @as 0.25
label XX,yy3,-1,0,0.10 @as 0.5
label XX,yy4,-1,0,0.10 @as 1           !--- LOG(chl) == 0
label XX,yy5,-1,0,0.10 @as 2
label XX,yy6,-1,0,0.10 @as 4
label XX,yy7,-1,0,0.10 @as 8

Vincent Le Fouest wrote:

> Dear Ferret users,
> I would be interested to use a logarithmic scale using the FILL command
> but I cannot find anything in the FAQ or Ferret documentation. Would
> somebody have an idea about that?
> Kind regards,
> Vincent

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