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Re: strange netcdf file grid attributes?

Hi Jozef,
	z is a coordinate variable name and when you try to plot z 
Ferret tries to plot the values of the coordinate variable (for which 
you didn't specify the grid) and hence the error appears. The easiest 
solution is to put the variable name in single quote ('Z') while 

fill 'Z'[l=1]

Or, you may define another variable before using it:

let zfile = 'Z'
fill zfile[l=1]

Note that in this case sometime you may need to know the exact 'case' 
of the variable in the file. If both 'z' and 'Z' are there in the file,
you can use both of them by the corresponding case. But only 'z'
is there in the file, then you need to use 'Z'.

This is very similar to the problem with a variable named 't' of 'T' 
in the NetCDF file, for which you can get two nice answers in the mail 


hope this helps,
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On Mon, 31 May 2004, Jozef SYKTUS wrote:

> Dear,
>       I have downloaded ERA40 reanalysis geopotential hight at 500 hPa as
> a netcdf file. The file is a monthly averaged data for period ~1957-2002.
> i.e.
> yes? use Era40_Z500.nc
> yes? sh d
>      currently SET data sets:
>     1> ./Era40_Z500.nc  (default)
> name     title                          I         J         K	  L
> Z        Geopotential                  1:144     1:73      ...   1:540
> yes? shade z[l=1]
>  **ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: 9999999 words were requested.
>  *** NOTE: Check for unspecified limits on an ABSTRACT axis
>  *** NOTE: Use the SHOW GRID command to see the axes
> yes? SHOW GRID
>  Default grid for DEFINE VARIABLE is ABSTRACT
> yes? SHOW GRID abstract
>  name       axis              # pts   start                end
>  ABSTRACT  X              9999999 r   1                     9999999
>  ABSTRACT  Y              9999999 r   1                     9999999
>  ABSTRACT  Z              9999999 r   1                     9999999
>  ABSTRACT  T              9999999 r   1                     9999999
> Where this abstract grid stuff comes from? Why I am unable to plot
> shade z[l=1] ??
> Any help would be most appreciated?
> Regards,
> Jozef Syktus
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