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Re: calendar: 365_day

Hi Joe,
Ferret does not currently use the alternative name "365_day" for noleap, though
that was an oversight and we'll add that name as an equivalent to "noleap". In
addition, note that in the Ferret documentation says,

"... the use of calendars beyond the defined Gregorian, Julian, noleap, and 360 day
calendar are not implemented at this time.) "

so the all_leap or 366_day calendar listed in the CF document is not allowed.
Ferret implements the proleptic_gregorian calendar for standard or Gregorian
calendars if their time span
extendeds to dates before 1582-10-15 (rather than
the historic calendar that was in place before 1582).

Joe McLean wrote:
Hi All,

It is my understanding that Ferret does not recognize the NetCDF calendar attribute value "365_day".  Ferret does recognize the value "NOLEAP".  The Ferret documentation link to http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/cms/eaton/cf-metadata/CF-current.html#cal seems to suggest that these two conventions mean the same thing.  Is this true?

Thank you,


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