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Re: color polymark with black outline

Hi William,
	I think should work basically the way you have it. The only
difference in the following demo is that I use /pal=black - could
there be something flaky in the way your missing value is set?
If the mystery remains, another suggestion would be to define
coordinates for the points that are missing where the data has a
gap and use those in your "poly" (let longap=if(data)then lon[d=...];
go polymark poly/... longap lat value circle 1 )
Good luck,

!the following demo works for me
def axis/x=90e:180e:5/units=longitude xax
def axis/y=20n:60n:5/units=latitude yax
def grid/x=xax/y=yax grd
let v=x[g=grd]+y[g=grd] ; fill v ! the background field
let lon=85+10*i ; let lat=22.5+2.5*i
plot/o/nolab/vs/i=1:9 lon,lat ! to see where the points lie

!define a variable with gaps (at even values of i)
let val=if(mod(i,2) eq 1)then lat*lon
go polymark poly/over/pal=black/i=1:9 lon lat val circle 1
go polymark poly/over/lev=(2000,8000,500) lon lat val circle 0.6

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