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Re: Fprint line thickness

Hi All,
There is an FAQ on this topic, doing similar things to what Lev describes:
"How can I control line thickness when I translate a metafile to a postscript file?"

Ansley Manke

Lev Tarasov wrote:
	 the line widths can be increased by modifying the metatfile.plt
output. I've attached a sed script that does this,


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On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Domingos Fernandes Urbano Neto wrote:

Hi Ferrets,

I'm using

Fprint -p portrait -l cps -o 'filename'.ps 'filename'.plt
to generate my color ps files, but doesn't matter if my lines are
thick or not, the ps has the same thickness ever. What am I doing wrong?




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