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Hi Kessler,


Do you still remember me? I ever asked you about how to read in a binary file of 3 dimensional model output using ferret. Then, the problem was solved by the method you provided. But when I extend the method to a 4-dimensional variable, it can’t get through again.


The problem is:

I have a binary model output “Myfile” in which stored a 3 dimensional variable named as conc(300, 166, 8).  There are total of 10 conc( ) in the “myfile” respective for 10 times of model output.


In FORTRAN, I write the model output

Do t=1, 10


     Write (1121) (((arcc1(i,j,k),i=1,300),j=1,166),k=1,8)




Then in ferret, I read in the binary file “Myfile”


  define axis/x=1:300:1 xax

  define axis/y=1:166:1 yax

  define axis/z=1:8:1   zax

  define axis/t=1:10:1  tax

  define grid/x=xax/y=yax/z=zax/t=tax mygrid


  file/format=unf/var=conc/grid=mygrid/col=`300*166*8*10`/ord=xyzt  "Myfile"


  list/x=150/y=114/t=1 conc


The result is: Every time, when I execute the program, then ferret will run to the step of “file/format…………..   ”, and then quit out of ferret directly.

What’s the problem? How to solve it?




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