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Re: Question on reading binary data files

Hi, Billy K,


I have tried you solution. It sounds OK when I execute these commands. But when I just wish to see the data value in Z axis it show that only the first layer data have been read in. I have use blew commands to write and read:


In FORTRAN I write:

      Write(1) (((conc(i,j,k),i=1,300),j=1,166),k=1,8)      ! As you suggest


In Ferret I write:

      Define axis/x=1:300:1 xax

      Define axis/y=1:166:1 yax

      Define axis/z=1:8:1   zax

      Define grid/x=xax/y=yax/z=zax mygrid


      File/format=unf/var=conc/grid=mygrid/col=300*166*8  Myfile


      List/x=150/y=140 conc



The result is:  list/x=150/y=140 conc    ! Note I wish to list all the 8 data in Z direction at grid point (150,140)

                       VARIABLE : CONC

                       FILENAME: Myfile

                       X        : 150

                       Y        : 140

                       Z        : 1



If I want to list specific layer data large than layer 1, then there comes an error message:

            List/x=150/y=140/z=2 conc

            **ERROR**  illegal limits: Z axis of CONC


What’s the problem? Please help me.













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