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Announcing the release of Ferret Version 5.6

      * * * Announcing Ferret Version 5.6 * * *
      * * * for Solaris,  Linux and SGI Irix * * *

Announcing the official release of version 5.6 of Ferret, with several new
features and minor bug fixes. To install this version, go to the downloads page
from the Ferret Web site


New Features and Enhancements in Version 5.6

    * New options for REPEAT introduce a "FOREACH" functionality

    * New qualifiers to draw graticule lines, that is, guide lines across plots
       at the tic marks of the axes.

The Release Notes and documentation may be found on the Ferret documentation
web pages at



Version 5.6 for Windows is in the works and will be released as soon
as it is ready.

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